For most people, it is difficult to hide devices. Because of this, they try to incorporate it into the home design as best as possible. Well, the truth is that decorating in the real world includes dealing with a TV. Perhaps it is even safe to say that TV is a focal point for a lot of homeowners. However, looking for an area to place the TV without compromising the arrangement of your décor and furniture can be extremely hard.  

Fortunately for you, we are here to help. We are going to share with you a couple of tips for Fort Worth TV mounting without compromising the integrity of your décor.  

Incorporate the TV 

Integrate your TV into a décor by putting it on a unit, like a bookcase, and surround it with pictures, objects, and books. To incorporate it even more, you can use a gallery wall of art or pictures to surround it. Make sure you are using black frames. 

Hide the TV 

You should think about placing the TV in an armoire or cabinet with doors that you can close. This is particularly true if you want to be able to hide the TV at a moment’s notice or you do not want it to be a focal point. You’ve got to ensure there are holes in the back for every single cord to go through. If there are no holes, you can always drill a couple of them yourself. In addition to that, you’ve got to ensure that the cabinet is easy to close and open if you’ve got kids that will be utilizing the TV. 

Pick a Focal Point 

You can mount the TV in the center of the seating area if it is your focal point. You can also consider mounting the TV on the wall adjacent to the focal point if you’ve got another focal point such as a beautiful window or a mantel. This will help you comfortably watch the TV without ruining the focal point.  


Of course, it is always ideal to mount the TV at eye level. This is ideal so that if you’re seating, you are not straining your eyes or neck by looking down or up to watch the screen. Around 4 feet off the ground is typically ideal. After that, you can multiply the diagonal width of the TV by 3 to figure out the viewing distance. Keep in mind that this can’t be applied to all TVs. However, it’s an excellent place to begin with.  

Look for a Power Source 

Search the nearest source of power to where you like to mount the TV. You’ve got to ensure there is adequate supply of power to manage any additional devices such as sound systems and Blu-ray players. In addition to that, think about where the windows are and how much glare you would get on the screen. 

Flip the TV 

You can buy a TV that you can mount under cupboards and flip down or up as you need to if you want to have a small TV in a place like the kitchen.